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  1. I trying to find out about fibidden love that all but i know that u dont want to so i not asking u cause i feel like i doing something wrong to u so i leave u alone
  2. Well what do you need help with? ^^ .
  3. i c then thank u at least well can u help me out wit this then or u dont want to i understand i not forceing u nor i have the power to do that n it up to u then well things r getting hard now oh well wat a drag.....
  4. Hmm not sure really and you don't have to be sorry But i don't really know who you should ask, but maybe and only maybe you could make a thread in the cyber lounge asking people about it perhabs, but remember it's all up to you, if you want to or not
  5. Oh really i sry for asking then i idiot then but do u know who will tell me i just want to know about forbidden love so can u at least who can tell me about it
  6. Well no offense, but that's kinda private and i don't wanna talk about that here or with someone i hardly know
  7. Wat do u know about forbidden love i been trying to find that out sry for asking i want to know
  8. Lol well thanks ^^ i'll remember that .
  9. I own u one big time if u have trublee for anything just ask me i do watever i can to help u out i think i said that like a kinght
  10. Well you're welcome .
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