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  1. Yeah you should try it out, or well i don't know what kinda games you like so.......
  2. oh i never played that!it must be fun from what i hear
  3. Now......... That would be Fable 2..................
  4. what game ?
  5. Yeah well right now i'm playing another game with my brother sooo, i might try and wait till i'm finished with that ^^
  6. really huhwell one day you should start again .
  7. Yeah, i've heard that it's a short game, i just haven't really had time to play it XD
  8. its a very short game i think it goes training,the prologue,and then nine levels.
  9. Nope!!..... I still haven't played the game that much.....
  10. did you beat the game yet ?
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