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  1. Well not really playing any games right now, i've got a book i have to read
    But i don't play that much playstation anymore, now it's basicly just xbox
  2. helloooooooooooooooooo
    are you like playing a game?
    I really like playing games, especially games playstation
  3. Well i just got home from work and eating a little bread ^^
  4. hellow... alucard...
    what are you doing now?
    so boring, i am alone in my home now...
  5. Well yeah there's alot of different anime that i like, but there's almost always a backside to it as well
  6. why not do ....
    if a lot of anime that you like?
    if so ... also does not do anything ...
  7. Well that's actually a good question ^^ i don't know
  8. what's your favo anime? iam just want to know, at all
  9. Umm well i don't know that game but cool .
  10. hellow, about your name... is like a game in playstasion one
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