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  1. Well i think you should ask if you could use it sometimes, it would be a big help for you i think but maybe it's just me :P
  2. Yeah me too I been in a lot of pain and it really hurt going up and down the stairs...
    Yeah we have an elevator I just don't think they will let me use it..
  3. Ohh that sounds really bad :O i hope you're be healing quick
    But the best thing is to do is probably to move your leg as little as possible but i guess your school doesn't have an elevator :P
  4. Well I was at my aunts place and I was going over the board the my lil cuz had against her door and climed over it and wasn't holding on to anything and bent and twist my ankle and knee.. omg it hurt so bad I was in tears..... I was like crying and shaking so bad... I could hardly move my leg or stand on it at all but I can now it only hurt when I am on my knees or bend my leg in a sertin way.... or go up or down stairs which I have to at school.... every right now I had a sharp pain in my knee and it hurt so bad...

    Oh cool that sounds nice.
  5. Aw how did that happen?
    Well it was nice and relaxing :P just spend it home with my parents
  6. Yeah it was very nice and fun. how was ur christmas and new yrs? I wasn't on here because I sprong my ankle and knee.... It still hurts.... manly my ankle hurts so much right now.....
  7. lol he hangout wiht your family as well? :P sound good ^^
  8. Well for this weekend Roger is staying with my on friday andgo visit my brother on saturday and just hangout sunday so manly hangout is all. ^_^ he got me a promise ring for christmas!
  9. lol so what are the plans for this weekend then? :P heh
  10. Why would I want what? Also, ^^ he is staying with me this weekend hehe.
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