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  1. well that's great at least the two of can hangout then
    it would've been worse if it was alot less.
  2. Yeah, I hangout with him a whole lot when he has time off work to and weekends saturdays he don't have to work until after thanksgiving that is.... sadly but he will still pick me up and hangout still. I love hanging out with him I am happy that I get to spend thanksgiving with him. Yeah I really want it! lol
  3. Well aren't you with him alot?
    Yeah i want the new xbox as well and Kinect too!!
  4. Oh cool sounds like fun. I want an Xbox 360 the new on that's out like so bad lol.

    My weekend was fun I hanged out with my bf the whole weekend and went and hanged out at the mall. Thanksgiving I am so happy I get to spend it with him.
  5. well had a little trip home to my parents and been playing a little xbox.
    what about you?
  6. Oh really? I watch it ever Wednesday at 9 that's when the new eps are on.

    So how was your weekend? Anything new going on?
  7. lol yep two long years
    yeah i really love Naruto as well, it's just been a really long time since last i saw it :P
  8. It is very nice to meet you Martin! o.o aww your two yrs older then me then lol. Yeah I love Naruto! That is like my most fave show ever! lol
  9. Cool :P well my name is Martin and i'm 20 years old, it's been awhile since last time i watched anime, but i still have my favorits like Naruto, Elfen Lied and real anime movies
  10. Well my name is Jenny and I'm 18 yrs old and I love writing stories and poems it's a major hobby of mine lol. I am really into a lot of anime! Such as Naruto, Inuyasha, Bleach, FMA, Death Note, Yu-Gi-Oh, and a lot more. what kind of anime are you into? tell me somethings about yourself.
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