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  1. I've been great thanks ^^ and you?? I've had more sleep than i used to XD so Yaayy! hah
  2. Well hey dracula whats up how you been dude sorry I'm late.
  3. that's cool don't worry about it i've been good and you??
  4. Hey dude sorry I haven't vmed you in a while how you been.
  5. heh lol yeah sure has ^^ i'm doing great, thanks for asking. How about u??
  6. Ha dude how are you doing long time no see you know.
  7. Well yeah i guess.... Hellsing was the first real anime i saw, so it really made a big impression, with the vampires and blood and all that
  8. I'm fine from what I can tell you must like vampires and blood alot.
  9. Lol don't worry 'bout it i'm doing good, just listening to some Ida Corr mixes thanks for asking. What are you up to and how are u?
  10. Ha dude whats up how are you doing sorry I haven't talked to you I've been talking to everyone esle.
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