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  1. yeah yeah i know T.T just make me feel guilty heh well i don't know, maybe like this ^^

    1. Avatar (because it's really funny) ^^
    2. Hellsing (well i just like it)
    3. Itazura na Kiss (because it's really funny and cute) ^^
  2. hahahahah XD i remember you said "i'm planing on maybe doing it tonight " lol XD it is ok i am very happy that you watched the first 6 episodes , i love this anime maybe i will put it number 4 or 5 in my anime list ^^ , what is the top 3 animes that you like ^^... =^_^=
  3. haha you see right through me XD umm lol no not yet T.T sorry i forget it all the time v.v but otherwise i'm pretty good actually ^^ how about you??
  4. lol i knew it XD , you didn't talk about it so that mean that you haven't seen what is behind episode 6 lol , any ways how are you and have you seen it :P ... =^_^=
  5. well actually yes i am T.T i haven't been watching it for awhile now but i'm planing on maybe doing it tonight ^^
  6. XD you are welcome i am really happy that you liked it >< ... what episode you are watching now your not still in episode 6 aren't you O.o ... =^_^=
  7. Well i think it's a little funny that the keeps on playing with her feelings for him ^^ and that she fall for it everytime lol but in general it's a really good anime, thanks for telling me about it
  8. XD aaaaaaaa ... good!! X3 , i am happy that you watched it ^^ and i am really happy that you are enjoying your time as i do .... so tell me what did you said to yourself at first when you watched what was your opinion ? ... =^_^=
  9. Oohh i haven't told you this ^^ i've found a place to watch Itazura na Kiss and i've watched the first 6 episodes and it's really good ^^ just like you said
  10. XD i am watching the anime i told you about XD and i am watching Vampire Knight or in other words i finished watching it but i i didn't watch season 2 yet X3 ... =^_^=a
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