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  1. Wow *tears* then i've finally become Mr. Sin Silly X.X well it's been since i've bought an anime so i'm watcing some off my old ones and right now that would be Fruits Basket, and a little Family Guy on TV how about you?
  2. lol XD that is nice from you , then i will give you the top mark of sillyness lol , so tell me what anime you are watching now ...=^_^=
  3. Sorry i did'nt meen to scare you ^^ but still i would sacrefice my self and yes silly guy that would be me
  4. lol thank you for saving me lol JK ... you are a silly guy , when you becomed X_X i said what ! am i watching a drama movie T.T , then i found " nah just kidding" then i becomed -_-; ... lolz ... =^_^=
  5. If i knew that you would be hit, then i would'nt move..... Or maybe push you away, but not to hard, just enough for you to be out of range...... (Then i would be hit in the head and die X.X) lol nah just kiding
  6. lol , when you said that i made my head low XD i thought it will hit me lol .... =^_^=
  7. Yep or extremly good reflexes to avoid the hit ^^........ *Shhwooosh* hey!!! be careful with that...
  8. LOL XD silly , you have to wear heavy clothes and stuff to avoid getting hurt from his baseball bat lol ... =^_^=
  9. Well i don't know yet, so far the disaster has'nt hit me with his bassball bat yet O.o
  10. XD i have been ummm up and down LOLz , but i have been good , @_@ what disaster ?_? ... =^_^=
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