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  1. You can read a "little" about it here Wikipedia - Hellsing
  2. ur rite cause it sure as hell sounds worth it !
  3. Well then you should really try watching Hellsing somewhere on the internet, or buy it, it's worth it if you ask me
  4. i f-in love vampiers!!!!!!i wish i wuz one cuz i could b imortal and sexy!!!!!instead of human and sexy....i mean being humans ok but i bet being imortal is even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. oohhhh okay well it's actually a really good anime series Hellsing, if you like vampires and unnatural stuff like ^^
  6. i didnt no anything it wuz a way of saying i didnt know......u no wit the dots and yah
  7. umm you meen you know the Hellsing series or that it looks like a woman and a guy ^^
  8. oh.........ok i new yah it looks like both 2 me
  9. omg sorry but no it's Integra Hellsing, from the Hellsing series so it's a woman
  10. is that a guy on ur avatar ?
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