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  1. Yeah well the longer away you live from the places the more it's gonna cost, so yeah of course it matters where you live
  2. Awww now it depends on where I already live?!?!? lol meanie you're just making excuses lol and btw that fly landed on your food ... O.o lol =D
  3. O.o *little bugs flying out of my wallet* that's some list well that depends on where you live?

    Don't worry it's summer vacation and we can't be online all the time
  4. What?!?!? lol depends on where I wanna go? -thinks- umm I wanna go to niagra falls and then to california and then to oregon and then to italy and spain and england and ireland and then to new zeland and then australia and then egypt and then JAPAN! lol that would be my last stop cuz I wanna stay there for a while lol

    lol sorry I've been away so long
  5. Haha you wish that depends on where you wanna go
  6. Lol I'm good just super busy lately. I want a vacation its about that time of the year right? lol I'll book it and you pay ok? lol YAY
  7. Yeah i guess you're right then so what's up? How are you doing?
  8. yup yup said so on my recent visitors even though it didnt say when so could have been months ago i guess lol
  9. I did? lol can't remember i did XD
  10. hi hi you looked at my page now I'm lo0oking at yours!!! lol
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