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  1. i know it sucks x.x i hope it passes over so whats up
  2. Oh doesn't sound to good, especially now that summer time is comming out
  3. kinda not so good im geting sick Dx idk why lol
  4. So how is life going apart from the gf thingy ?
  5. yea it is it really bites x.x
  6. wow O.o sounds quite rough .
  7. lost my gf flunkin school im hated even more i lost my friend and my grand mother is still tryin to kick me out an dim only 16........
  8. lol then it wasn't such a good thing to sell them XD why did you have a bad day?
  9. xD lol thing is i wona buy a ds and psp agin @.@ and ive had a bad day yesterday :/
  10. Oh i see ^^ well sometimes it's not always a good idea to sell, but then again, you'll just keep no buying games for them
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