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  1. Nyahh!!! think I was just tirewent to state with my vocal group then I came home sick. I was gone for three days but I didn't have as much as homework as I thought I would
  2. Oh heh damn homework why where you sick?
  3. Things at actually pretty good O_o Yeah I've had a good time although I was sick most of last week and have hoework to make up and stuff XD
  4. Yello Yello Yello Renn ^^ anyone there?? *crack.... duud duud duud duud*

    i've been great, feeling better and all ^^ what about you?
  5. Nyahhh!! how are you Alu?? I haven't talked to you in while.......
  6. Haha ^^, i'll try to find it and i'm glad to have met you too *runs into the journals trying to find it >.> <.<*
  7. lolz it's alright!! I don't mind. I just like it!!! Oh did you see my journal entry?? I'm sorry I didn't add you. But you know I'm glad to have met you as well. Hurry go read it!!!
  8. yeah i did it sure looks really good but i'm sorry that i didn't vote for you T.T i guess i have a weak point when it comes to animated onces T.T sorry
  9. Did you see my entry??? Huh?? Did ya?? I love it. It came out better than I thought!!!
  10. heh lol that sounds..... kinda annoying well i fell asleep anyway so ^^
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