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  1. Mwahahahaha *evil laugh* you never know maybe i am, maybe i'm not
  2. Well, u did remember correctly good boy or are you ?????
  3. Well i think it's sorta techno music and that's not really your kinda music is it? if i remember corretly
  4. i dont kno that song but I've read the lyrics and it sounds good
  5. umm well the last thing i heard was Axel Coon - Close To You and i don't think that's your kinda music either
  6. Nt too bad - listeing to taylor swift - love song
    its not really my type of music but i cant stop listing to it Wat u listin to now
  7. That's good to hear ^^ so umm how is things going??
  8. Realllllllly well tee hee x .
  9. Ooooooohhhhhhhhh >.> heh lol so how did it go????
  10. pretty well atchely i just started going out yesterday .
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