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  1. O.o uhh thanks ^^ i'll try it out so umm how are things going??
  2. they are like an indie band look up this web page if you want : you can listen to music and stuff here XXX
  3. Yeah i like Evanescence, Linkin Park and Greenday too ^^ never heard of One night only though
  4. I absoutly love Evanescence + Linkin Park but also like bands like One night only and greenday :P
  5. hehe lol XD naughty kids lol what kinda rock and pop are you listening to at the moment ^^ lol i meen how's artist
  6. yea i like rock and pop but i hate dance and that kinda stuff XX hey guess wat me and my friend at skool to day gt told off for reading an AVON book in class XX
  7. Well almost anything from Rock to Pop and Techno to R&B :P heh lol but yeah there are music that i don't like, but i can't remember XD heh what about you, what kinda music you like?
  8. yea, the one with the eye its cool
    So wat kinda music do you like
  9. So you can wear what ever you like ?? lol which one ^^
  10. Well i hav non-skool uniform 2day ... um thats kinda it lol i like ur picture
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