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  1. Oh, Happy late Halloween to you too^^ I was parting at a friend house, so...
  2. lol im doin fine n urself? well its hallows eve so happy halloween =)
  3. Haha. That I will.
    So... Whats up?
    I'm doing fine, just a little busy ^^
  4. well yea just msg me whenever u feel like talkn i know i dont get on much but hey its kk
  5. Yeah Thanks^^ I will remember that. Then see you soon^^
  6. lol well good luck on ur color search lol if u need help just ask lol
  7. Something like that... I will somehow manage to find a suitable color ^^
  8. im not rly the design type lol im sry but yea just mix it til it looks good
  9. I thought so too, but the color and the style don't really fit together... Help?
  10. try using ur favorite color that might help a lil and mix it up in diff shades lol be creative
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