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  1. I'm designing some clothers right now... Trying to figure out witch color I should use...
  2. im just hanging out n doin stuff with my nieces b the military wat bout u?
  3. Nothing much... Doing some project right now... And you?
  4. Im on as much as i can be lol but rock on so wats up
  5. I'm online everyday, Just depend on the time and when I got the pc^^
  6. been a long time since u been on too lol but yea rock on
  7. Ok. But goddess! Last time I was here, you only had 2 or 3 friends, but now...?! 147...!
  8. nice to b friends with u 2 =) rock on PM me sometime k
  9. Heya! You like manga? What about anime? Nice to be friend with ya! ^^
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