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  1. Queen Of The Damned is only the best movie ever made lol its not anime but rock on
  2. Hm, haven't heard of that movie or anime before. And yeah, I hope it does too lol ^^
  3. nice i just watched Queen of the damned i love tht movie lol well hope life gets better for u
  4. Eh, life could be better at the moment, but it's nothing new. I'm just trying to make a render, but it isn't working for me...^^'
  5. yea well rock on =) so hows life? im just chilln n watchn movies
  6. Yeah, well, I'd be surprised if I didn't, considering you have 145 friends.......and yeah, it's okay. ^^
  7. u know ALOT of my friends so i added u is that ok? if not im sry
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