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  1. alright then ... thanks john for the heads up ttyl
  2. -sighs- if you got my pm then dont worry about this post. i wanna know whats up; because ive seen this type of sh* before, ima call on friday 9pm my time which is like 10 ur time. you think he'll answer, you or him doesnt really matter i just wanna make sure he's ok.

  3. please click my egg so it can grow!^^
  4. life is going good^^ thanks for asking
    my name's halana and im 16
  5. Thats fun well its nice to hear from u so how is life goin? btw im Kyle wats ur name n age?
  6. your welcome^^
    im doing fine just web surfing lol
  7. nice of u to stop by n how r u? its nice to get a hello every now n again thank u =)
  8. hey whats up?.....
    just wanted to say hello^^
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