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  1. Just an FYI Kyle is leaving for Iraq so stop trying to spread rumors about him ok kid. This is to everyone who has his name on their page. Leave the poor man the **** alone.
  2. Hey how u doin? i havent talked to u in a while wat u been up to? PM me ok
  3. -sigh- i will worry anyway... you should know this by now..
  4. its just really stupid but no worry til u call ok cuz yea
  5. .. it's going to bother me until you tell me.. so could you give me at least a hint?
  6. Yea i know but yea call n we will talk cuz yea...u will see
  7. Well jeez.. I will try to call around 12 (your time).

    Just try to calm down for me ^^ I don't want you getting into anymore trouble than you already are in.
  8. well it was good but im super pissed now but w/e i dont care call me later n i will explain
  9. So i've noticed...

    Anyway, how's your day going?
  10. Yea no problem at all just call me ne time ok idc if im busy which i tend to be alot just call me later
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