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  1. im good just living life n bein a marine doin my job n tryn to keep myself out of trouble lol
  2. thanks man i how are you and have you found anyone else yet?
  3. thats bad ass man well i hope the best for u n ur fiance take care of urself
  4. thanks i will...its in May the 10 and we plan to have a japanese style wedding...its something she came up with.
  5. Rock on man congrats! let me know when the wedding is man n i hope the best for u
  6. good im engaged now and we're moving to california....oh her name is Sarah Palmer we met 1 year and 9 months ago and we're going there so i can continue my computer programing training so i can be come a video game designer.
  7. im good man how r u holding up besides school =) hit me up
  8. AL hey dude how are you?.....i've been busy with work and school so i haven't been able to do much latley.
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