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  1. I will n i hope u enjoy urself =) <(^-^<) <( ^-^ )> (>^-^)> Kirby rocks hahahaa
  2. heheh thanks an hav fun with your family i hope you have a good time
  3. well its always good to be with family thats wat its all about i am happy to be here to see mine cuz the last 2 years i was celebrating over gunshots so its nice to be home =) neway have fun with ur bf n happy holidays
  4. well im getting dragged to church xmas eve then i go get presents at my grandmothers. an on christmas at som point me an my fam unfortunatlly hav to go see my dads side of the fam an idk i might see my bf somtime in there lmao
  5. lol well im goin to my sisters n hanging out there lol u?
  6. hehe ive been doing fine i guess hehe an well i hadnt heard from you in a while befor lmao :] so what u doin for x-mas
  7. lol nice well ne way how u been? i havent heard from u in a while
  8. hahahaha nice XD well i know a few friends that might want you to do that to her lmao
  9. i am like a rabid dog i will destroy her face lol hahahaha
  10. hehe ok i will lmao an if she doesnt stop youll know about it hehe
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