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  1. lol well tell her to leave u alone or u will send me after her hahaha
  2. lmao good advice welll i had gotten over one guy that i liked that but my friend made me care about an like him again uhh its so messed up
  3. my advice is tell them to leave u alone n get out of the triangle
  4. lmao its fine im not mad at you i understand lol an nothing much had been happening ehh im just stuck in a love triangel lol
  5. im sorry i have just been busy n stuff i apologize but how r u doin?
  6. geez you never get on any more or you havent even texted me my gosh lol so any ways whats been going on wit you dude where you been ????? lol
  7. Welcome to AO newblood i hope u like the site. if u have any questions then feel free to PM me
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