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  1. Eh Al Kun****pm me soon as you log in*********ich muss Sie etwas wirklich Schnelles fragen
  2. Grouch ble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
  3. :P
    what up mister..............the brat is bored silly
  4. nah im off today i told them to eat me i have been doin stuff all week for them n im not the Lt so no more lol im just relaxing today i may go to a movie in a little bit though
  5. hmph, me missed talking to you .... okay i won't bother you if you're to busy
  6. ok im goin to show u a grouch in a minute lol dork
  7. lol yeah right lmao!!!! lookie here guess who misses the grouch so much .....
  8. Grouch? wtf lol ok ur goin to get it now punk im goin to destroy u got it? lol wats up
  9. Ei grouch long time no lookie no drop by on my boo!!!!
  10. aww lol well i was just playn silly hahaha ne way catch u laters
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