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  1. Just an FYI Kyle is leaving for Iraq so stop trying to spread rumors about him ok kid. This is to everyone who has his name on their page. Leave the poor man the **** alone.
  2. Look kid dont message me. This is my account now and not Kyles. He wants nothing to do with you or anyone else from this site so bring your drama elsewhere.
  3. mine was good thanks for asking =) *hug* so how is life goin?
  4. hey kyle i know im last but happy thanksgiving. Hope yours was good one
  5. that sux im sorry to hear about ur friend n if there is anything i can do to help let me know
  6. *blushes and melts* damn you you always know what to say! friend (the one that I use her phone to text you with..shes getting kicked out of her adopted parents house theyre gonna make her live by herself..meaning that I wont be able to text you anymore.. it really sucks) I dont know what to do..I wanna cry but I promised her that I wouldnt..but i dont wanna her to leave the school I mean I met never get to see her again...
  7. well i try to help ppl as much as i can so if helping u find a bf works then rock on lol im glad i made ur day. but yea try to find a guy where u live that has no problems n wants u for u
  8. thats cool well yea for get the guy from school go find someone better ok cuz that guys a dick lol neway im goin to be doing concerts soon woot
  9. Hey good new! ^_^ I met this really sweet guy...he SO sweet and kind to me...but I only just met him so I dont really know if what he says to be true. But so far...mhmm I don't even know if he wants me to be his..but he "kissed" me on the cheek yesterday and we "held" hands! thank you! really made my day
  10. hahaha well woth guys how they r nowadays all i have to say is....well Good luck on that one lol
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