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  1. hi kyle i know we are not talking at all but if some people are giving som troble you can talk to me about it i o not juge but i do not bite either ok ttyl cassy.
  2. hey kyle what's up? how are you feeling and doing? well i just got home and thuoght i'd drop in and and say hello and see how you and my other freinds are ttyl cassy.
  3. yeah samething everyday unless somthing really cool happens then its a great day oh i will begone for a few days ok but i will come back have a good thanksgiving and see you later cassy.
  4. hey freind what's up i miss you look i'm your freind and your mine so let me know what's going on with you ok cassy.
  5. oh having a bad day huh, i know how that is but your welcome i see you as my freind so i will check on you as long as jamie does not think i have no right to ok ttyl gentle breezes cassy.
  6. sure and good oh if you don't want to talk then just tell me jamie said you don't want to talk so i'm just asking you if you might know what that is well later.
  7. hey kyle how are you doing? i thuoght i sign in and see how your doing i know trust is very hrand to get back but i can try as a freind and you can try to if you wish well have to go and find out what is going on here ok talk to you later. gentle breezess cassy.
  8. good that you are well it works to have your health oh did you have a good hollween? i had an ok one well got to go and fix somethings up but i will talk to you later. gentle breezess cassy.
  9. hey kyle what's up with you and your life? i just want to be your freind without having to stop all my life ok.
  10. got it but tell me this how can i get anything more if i already have evrything from the sun? oh my body is a tomb.
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