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  1. im ok just uber busy so yea im good how r u doin its been a while?
  2. hey..i havent heard from u in awhile..just droppin in to say hai^.^
    so how are u
  3. Thats pretty cool thats like 2 hours away well i hope u enjoy FL just not the hurricanes lol n i hope u Enjoy AO
  4. oh my gosh..i live in sarasota!!..well actually bradenton..which is like 2 mins away for (^.^)..i have been living here for 3 weeks now..but i lived and was born n VA ..i miss it there..there is snow there.-_-..waaaa.!!!
  5. Yea im in southern florida n im in Palm Beach so its cool lol neway yea i have been here basically since it started just never get on ne more
  6. wait u live in do i ..thats freakin cool ^.^ //what part
  7. hmm..well lets see..i think snice 2007 of Sept..even though my profile says 2008 june..i have another account..but that got now i start all sucks though..i wou;d have been a veteran by
    now..-_-..but yeah i love it here..its freakin awsome about long ^.^
  8. Hey cool site so how long have u been pn AO? and i hope u enjoy it
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