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  1. Umm... #3: Sword Of An Honorable Ruler and #4: Fire On The Mystic Island
  2. Oh. What Inuyasha movies? What were they called? I watched every movie of Inuyasha besides one.
  3. I'm on episode 8 of blood+ and I'm watching bleach and just finished the 3rd and 4th Inuyasha movie U.
  4. Hello! How are you? Haven't heard from you in a while. Have you watched anymore episodes of Blood+? What other animes are you watching?
  5. I just finished an anime so I think I'll watch an episode of Blood+ tonight
  6. I really like blood+ better too. I already watched all of the episodes. They were all pretty good. I especially like the last season of it.
  7. I'd say Blood+ mainly because right off it jumps deep into the storyline. You?
  8. Hello!!! How are you doing? I am doing well. Do you like Blood+ or Vampire Princess Miyu better?
  9. So I watched 3 episodes of Vampire Princess Miyu and 2 of Blood + and well watching Blood + I found an Anime named Ookami Kakushi and I've been watching it and I'm still in school so I haven't watched anything lately but After I finish Ookami Kakushi I'm gonna watch Vampire Princess Miyu cuase I liked it and it's not tht long and I'm also gonna watch Blood + in between animes just cuase I liked it even more but It's long and I've already got bleach and FMA Brotherhood so I'm kinda just watching the three when I get a chance.
  10. There is also another anime that is called blood+. It is about this girl named Saya and her sister, Diva. Diva and Saya battle each other in the last episode. I can't explain it that well. The first episode is when Saya awakens from a 20 year slumber. Saya is a weapon that the army uses. She always uses a sword with her blood on it. Diva's and Saya's blood when combined can kill each other. Only Saya's blood can kill her evil sister and her followers. It's better than it sounds.
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