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  1. Wow there's already snow at your place it is only cold over here there is no snow were I'm at yet lol. O.O Wow it took you that long I would be so bored lol. Aww he is 6 months old that's adorable! I love baby's their so cute!
  2. I haven't been doing much. I scooped the snow out of my drive way yesterday. Not fun. It took me almost 3-4 hours. For Thanksgiving, I am going to have it at my house. My sister and her bf are going with her boyfriend's sister's house. His parents are coming from Wisconsin. They are going to be visiting my sister, her boyfriend and their son. He is so adorable. We are watching him right now while my sister and her bf are working. He is 6 months old.
  3. Hey waz up how have you been anything new going on?

    Today I am going to be hanging out with my bf Roger and he is going to stay with me at my place. On Thanksgiving I am going to be with him and his family! Then him and I are going to be hanging out all weekend!
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