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  1. hey Flow long time no see just thought id drop in and say hi... i see we both we busy and stopped showing up on ao but im back so ill be around well hope things are going well for you flow till next time take care..
  2. yea i know... but no where else was hiring so had to end up there... as for games.. ive got all of the halo series... armored core 4... tekken 6 and star ocean the last hope... its not a lot of games but they keep me busy when im not working star ocean is a 3 disc game so im not complaining... plus i got a ton of PS2 games but of course im more interested in my 360.... so hows ur game going... how far are you in beating it??? if i might ask... oh yea im gonna put some pics up here of my job so i can show you rather then show you... anyways thats a bummer about ur job but at least you get all that free time... so what kinda games you into... i never got to ask you that plus... what system are you useing a PS3 or 360... sorry for all the questions just bored... btw way i dont think i got to tell you but happy late 4th of july... well got to run take care and have a nice day k
  3. really? after six years they finally give you a raise? idk i would have gone to work somewhere else. and no i haven't gotten a job yet. i think i'm not going to get one. i'll just enjoy my break until i start school again. what games do you have? i started playing infamous but haven't finished yet. i was going to play fear 2 after. i don't really have a lot of games.
  4. im so sorry flow been really busy with work didnt get to do anything last week but sleep.. but nope i dont sell the onion i only put them in 50 lbs sacks and stack them on pallets, 42 sacks per pallet the sells men sells the onoins to any one wanting to buy them... like wal-mart, sonic, sam's club... places like that... im happy i got a raise after 6 years being here... im finally making 8.25 yay me... so pokemon man i havent played that since i was in mid school... good old days... so anything new with you? you find a job? well sorry to make this a short message but i got to go... ive got a date with the 360 so catch you later till next time take care and about what i wanted to ask i kinda forgot but im sure it will come back to me eventaully... sorry about that...
  5. well i have never seen one lol. i imagine you just can just buy onions at the market. do you sell them them there or sell them off at markets? anyway, didn't you have something to ask? my sister gave me her pokemon white to play. its pretty cool. the last time i played pokemon was when it was for the gameboy advanced.
  6. you dont know what an onion shed is??? wow im shocked you dont know what that is.. but yea its like what i said an onion shed... i tie and stack 50 lbs sack of onion... its not a fun job but it makes money so cant really complain just dont like im being taking advanage of... and wow thats a drag to hear about ur mom... im lucky my parents never tried to push me into doing things im not into... it was nice hearing from you... hope things are going well for you... i got to go take care and have a nice day...
  7. i have never heard of an onion shed. whats it like? and i guess i will take any job. its doesn't really matter. what gets annoying though is that my mom is so picky about where i work. i mean its not like i can just start working anywhere right now. she wants me to get a job with the government. and yeah you can just pm me what you want to ask. i will answer it eventually.
  8. thats kool... and yea i know the feeling i had to live with my 3 older brothers and 2 older sisters plus my little brother... so what kind a job you looking for? if you dont mine me asking... im stuck working in a onion shed again this year... kinda hoping not to but things didnt work out as i had planned so now im back there.... oh btw i need to ask a favor but ill ask that another time when we can be on at the same time... but if not then ill just pm you... well see you around flow take care and hope you get ur job.. see you around... laterz
  9. its alright. i'm going to get a job soon too. i want to get one before college. i'm thinking about working to get my own place too. its too stressful living in a family of 6. and sure i will check out that anime.
  10. hey Flow long time no see sorry for my sudden disapearence i just finally started working again and i havent had much time to be on anymore... hope things are going well for you..? so what have you been up to anything new with you? ill check out that anime when i get the chance but you should check this anime out its called Break Blade... its a short anime and its still incomplete but its still worth watching... well hope ur doing alright... till next time take care and have a nice day k laterz...
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