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  1. Hey Cresent! I hope you are having a good Christmas as well with much received. Thank you and be safe yourself ^_^.
  2. hey hey hey guess what flow.....really guess.....Merry Christmas Flow hope ur having a good one n having fun...... take care n be safe k
  3. hey flow long time no see how are you doing? i am well thanks for asking. thats cool no worries flow yea i know i love thanksgiving. oh and happy late thanksgiving i hope you had a great time flow. i did mmmmm foooodd.. well flow it was nice ill see you around take care and be safe k luv ya flow bye
  4. Hi. I haven't really been up to anything. School is fine. I try to get my work all the time. And its awesome that Thanksgiving is coming up. ^_^
    How about you? How have you been?
  5. hey flow long time no see how are you doing? hows life been treating you lately? and school going well or not really? well flow i gtg but ill try and get back to if i can but if not srry well take care flow and have a good day bye
  6. flow that sucks to hear srry to hear that i hope you get better. so tomorrow wait today your fall to the hospital well i hope everything goes well flow and your ok. hit me up im actually free for once if you want well flow see you around take care
  7. Well thats great. I had a pretty good meal as well but I've been feeling nauseous that I nearly threw up. Man I've been sick these days. I've become a sickly person. That sucks.
  8. thats good flow and thanks the food wsa good my first meal of the day and it was awesome. so how have you been? well flow hit me up tomorrow k well see you around flow take care k bye bye
  9. I'm just going to have a check up. Its nothing serious. Hope you have a good meal. ^_^
  10. damn flow thats cool lucky you. so why are you going to the hospital if you dont mind me asking. well flow thats sucks today is boring well i hope today is a good one for you. well flow ill see you around k i got to eat laterz flow
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