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  1. Yeah I'm good now. Sunday I'm not doing anything. I usually stay home and do nothing on the weekends really. I have an appointment to the hospital on Monday and I don't have to go to school, so thats awesome. ^_^
  2. hey flow thats cool your almost done. and its a drag to hear you had to go to school like that. well at least the rash is gone thast good. im doing ok thanks for asking. so what are your plans for the rest of sunday. well flow im sleep ill hit you up tomorrow take care
  3. Yeah the rash is gone. I had pinkish-red skin for a week, and I had to go to school that way, but its basically gone.
    And the homework is almost done. I just have a simple assignment left.
    How have you been anyway?
  4. damn flow that a drag having home work for the week end well get to it if you wanna have free time just kidding well hope you finish so we can kick it. so the rach? hope its gone. well when you get the chance hit me up k well laters flow bye bye
  5. Well I just woke up two hours ago. ^_^
    Oh and I have all this hw..
  6. yo flow hows it going? so hows your weekend going? well hit me up if you get the chance k
  7. yo flow thats cool hope you got your rest i did but i cant sleep in anymore so use to getting up early what a drag o well. hey sis i gtg i need to see something but ill hit you up in a while k well till then take care bye bye
  8. Yeah I know how you feel. I went to sleep right after school epecially because of course it was Friday so I was having a lazy day. ^_^
  9. yo flow hows it going feeling better i hope. so hows are you today? my eyelids are getting heavy well flow im gonna let you go laterz take care bye
  10. you can if you want im just trying to keep the conversation going. well thats nice to hear hope you get in your goove too man im so tried i need slepp o well hey flow ill see you around i have to finish getting ready for work but ill see you around k laterz flow take care bye
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