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  1. Do I answer or not..? Cuz you say bye and stuff.
    Anyway, I'm back in school and trying to get back in my natural groove of not falling asleep in class getting my homework done.
  2. thanks but i really dont like them i look like a dork but o well they were for you. so hows life? im glad to hear your geting better. so flow how have you been since the last we talked well flow take care and have fun see ya around bye
  3. Yeah they're cool. And yeah the rash is improving. The itchyness is decreasing and I'm just a little pink now. Hope work goes well. ^_^
  4. yo flow i hoped you enjoyed the pics. well i hope your rash is gone and your feeling better. so hows your day been? well flow i gtg i have to get ready for work bye take care and have a nice day laterz
  5. hey flow srry but i have to go it was nice talking to you. get well soon i hope you enjoy the pics. and have agood night dont stay up to late watching cartoons. well flow see you around and get well soon bye flow
  6. k im finished i put three of them k.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm srry the 50 letter thing so boring
  7. Thats very nice to do. ^_^
    And sure I will enjoy more pics.
  8. its my webcam i just made the pics small enough to load them on here. i made those just for you flow.i like my webcam its built into my laptop. it has more effects. ill do a different one k go check it out
  9. Oh wow how funny. ^_^
    How did you do those effects on your pics?
  10. o yea flow wanna see something funny go and look at my pics in my profile i put two news up just know i promise your gonna laugh
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