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  1. no i dont like going out any more i stop going out for halloween for about 3 years know. its cool thou i go out and party if im invited if not i just chill at home
  2. Yeah. I feel like I have been smited.
    I'm sad. : (
    So did you go out for Halloween?
  3. yea i know thats a drag i hope that rash goes away quick so you can be happy again . but you never told me you were sick thatsa negative to the drag lol... well get welll soon flow
  4. 0.0 !!!!!!

    Well thats great.^_^ I've been sick. Did I tell you about my itchy rash? It sucks.
  5. mmm. i just went to work and came home and logged on to my pc to chat with all my friends thats a drag you stayed home this whole time. well then


    scared yea admit it lol well flow hope you are having as much fun as i am.
  6. Ok hope you had a good night too. ^_^
    I didn't really do anything but watch tv.
  7. hey flow happy holloween hope you have fun today well ill see you around k have fun see ya
  8. thats a shame flow. my day is good im real tried thou
    i stayed up all night
  9. Well I've been itchy and red all over. Hows your day?
  10. really thats cool flow. awesome you so arent really gonna miss all that much in school flow hows your day going?
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