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  1. Well not at the moment. Its a three day weekend too because apparently tomorrow is a holiday.
  2. well then that sucks flow damn doctors they dont know what they are doing anymore.....
    well hope your inchyness stops and you feel better
    so that means you are not going to school right know
  3. Actually it turns out that its a bad reaction to my medication so I'm going to need to go to the hospital soon. So the rash is all over me and it itches.
  4. oo wow flow thats weird lol. so thats a weird thing to happen so you are ok thats cool so how was your day...
  5. The what?
    And it figures I actually have the chickenpox. How funny is that? ^_^
  6. yaaaa i nailed the 4: 20 sweeeet ................................
  7. are you ok flow? hope you are feeling better? so how did the rest of your day go?
  8. I woke up to a heat rash, ughh. I don't know if I answered already but yeah. So yea I went to school late today because my mom thought I need the extra sleep.
  9. so how are you today flow? everything going well i hope. hey arent you suppose to be in school?
  10. yea i know kids are a pain. like right know my other nephew is screaming his head off
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