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  1. cool i will check it out. i think you should watch steins gate. its a new anime. seems interesting too.
  2. kool and ive already seen Freezing and its a pretty awesome anime... id rate it 9 out of 10... sorry on the late reply been busy with other things and not having the time to be on... so what have you been up to? anything new with you hey you should check this anime out its called Blassreiter... im just starting it but from what i read it sounds interesting..... well got to run.. see you around Flow take care
  3. i don't think that was me but yeah i have seen that one around. never got around to watching it. i was actually thinking about it yesterday lol. have you seen one called Freezing? very cool and sexy ^^ i think you should watch it.
  4. yea i just finished both of them not that long ago.. and they turnned out to be really good.. i like them.. anyways i wonder if it was u that showed me that vampire anime that was coming out sometime this year... its called Dance in the Vampire Bund... its actually not that bad of an anime.. i like it... just letting you know if you havent seen it yet urself... anyways got to run... see you around Flow till next time take care...
  5. Oh i have heard of 07 ghost. i guess i will take that to consideration of a new anime to watch. ^^
  6. alright ill check it out and thanks for the vid... if you got to check out that movie mind if i ask what you think of it?oh btw ive started watching these two animes the first is called 11 eyes and the second it 07 ghost... they both are pretty good its to bad that 11 eyes is only 12 episodes long tho... anyways hope things are going well for you Flow... take care and ill see you around till then...
  7. Oh i see, i will check that movie out. hey you should check out this guys' videos. he plays the latest video games and he has cool commentary. I don't know if you're into that but you should check his vids. YouTube - SSoHPKC's Channel
  8. na sorry i haven been watching any movies lately but there is a movie i think you would like its not an anime its a live action movie but its freaken awesome its called IP Man... if you get the chance check it out its worth watching... sorry for the late reply been busy with my game and stuff so hows it going with you anything new with you? take care Flow and ill see you around till then laterz...
  9. Hi! yeah it has been a while. how's it going? ^^ i have been watching movies lately. do you know any good ones?
  10. yo flow long time no see.. just thought id drop in and say hi... sorry for the silence... well hope ur doing good... take care and have a nice day
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