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  1. You look much like what you are. Unlike me, its been thought that I looked caucasian. -_-
  2. yo flow i finally got my pic up so yea ifyou still wondering what i look like here you go well laterz angel have a nice day laterz
  3. yea well nice talkingto you laterz flow see you around till next time
  4. How fun.
    Jeez, I'm hungry. I have to the next day though. Hey I'm going. See ya around! ^_^
  5. yea i agree you do have a nice username. well the reason why i choose mine is a long story and i have it posted on one of the post that asked why we chose are username but ill try and make it short. me and my primo were out at night haveing a awesome sword battle between the both of us and towards the end i was looking at the moon and it was in a cresent shape and we attacked each other on last time but i finally got him unarmed and i told him to surrend to his new lord the Cresent Knight but he refused me so i cut off his head.
  6. Maybe you should get thick glasses like mine. They seem kinda neutral. Or maybe just try contacts for a bit.
    I choose the name because my moms' ornament angels gave me the idea and basically it was just random lol. But its a nice name don't you agree? ^_^
    Why did you choose yours?
  7. hey angel coould i ask you why did you choose your username to be angelflow?
  8. well i suppose to wear them to since the 4th grade but i dont like the way i look i look ill a nerd so yea im not gonna wear them i only wear them when im playing video games or when im watch anime as for contacts i never tryed them i dont like the idea of putting something in my eye even though i can touch my eye ball with my finger.
  9. Well I've been needing them since elementary school but I did not really start wearing them until 8th grade and I wear them all the time.
    Do you wear glasses? Or contacts?
  10. i know i dont like my place at all i want to leave this place.... it needs to change... as for my twin no she looks nothing like you besides that you are mush cuter then she is. so if you dont mind me asking how long have you been wearing glasses?
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