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  1. Unfortunately, I did not learn to be fluent at all in the language, sorry. And your home to me is like a wow I didnt know that place existed type of place.
    Thats funny that we are both the same. ^_^
    She doesn't look like me does she? lol kidding.
  2. well thanks i really am greatful cuz im really hating myself. so you can speak spanish. so were are you from if you dont mind me asking i live new mexico in a small boring town called salem... and damn you are small but dont feel bad i have twin sister and even though we are twins me and her ar nothing a like its weird she is about as tall as you.
  3. Oh yeah I know what you mean. Don't worry I'm your friend though.
    I had that feeling for yrs.
  4. Maybe you need to shrink your pic size. I had to. And thats cool cuz I'm hispanic to but not like that in which I can speak spanish. You're tall though. I'm only 4'7. XD
  5. yo flow i wanna ask you a serious question k i dont want you to get me the wrong way but have ever left left out and alone? cuz i feel that way all the time so i try making friend but it always turns out bad im glad you were nice to give a chance.thanks for being nice^_^
  6. na its cool i was going to put one up but of some reason i cant do it but ill try again. well lets start with im hispanic i have my hair black about 3 in's on the top and the sides shaved my eyes are brown and i dont know what else you want to know its kinda hard discribe myself o yea im about 5'8 or 5'9.
  7. Oh cool I will check it out later thanks.
    So what do you look like anyway? Not forcing a pic just curious.
  8. hey have you heard of a site called you should give it a try when you are a member you can download all sorts of different rock and metal music on to your profile its pretty cool.
  9. Well my avatar is a rat lol but I'm guessing you mean the profile pic. And its ok I take it as a compliment. Thank you. ^_^
    Yes I do like rock. Its really the only genre I listen to. Yup.
  10. it cuz i saw how old you were and i figured you were in college but yea you cleared that up. hey dont get mad or anything but if thats you in the pic as your avator i think you are pretty cute. o and thanks for the artist so you are into rock hell yeah.... forever a metal head !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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