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  1. Uh, because I wasn't being dedicated then lol
    Why do you ask anyway?
    30 seconds to mars
    My chemical romance.....
  2. me i just graduated last year and im 19. so why did you stay back a year if you dont mind me asking?
  3. I'm in high school. Senior year. Why?
    I stayed back in 9th grade once though so I guess I should be starting college. I'm 18.
  4. hey i wanted to ask you for a favor? could you help me out and give me names of songs or artist so i can look them up and listen to music and see if i like it so i can download it so i can music for work.
  5. well thats cool. hey if you dont mind em asking are you still in high school or are you in college???
  6. Hi! Nothing really. Just finished my homework and taking a shower. You?
  7. YO..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLOW...................................... how it going?
  8. yo flow hows it going? what have you been up to? so any thing new happen to you? well angel hit me up whenever ill be around well laterz
  9. well lil sis im gonna let you go im tried and im have to get ready to go to work at 3 in the morning so im gonna catch some zz's well i can but if you got any more artist or songs i can download just leave me a message and ill check them out that if you want to well good night and maybe see you tomorrow
  10. ive got everythiing you name except the jpop but ill get to it right know.
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