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  1. yea i need to catch up on bleach too. i haven't been watching it for a while. but i have been watching naruto. there have been a bunch of fillers but the next episode is suppose to continue with the story. doing good deeds are great ^^ keeps you busy too.
  2. wow 11 hours man i cant even sleep past 5... hope ur feeling better today tho... and i found a manga for DTB but its different from the anime series but guess thats no surprize... but i just stopped for a while... im gonna start watching bleach again where i left off and catch up then do the same for naruto.... other then that and playing my game ive done nothing.. oh yea i cleaned my partents backyard yesterday thinking of doing the front today well cya around Flow take care and have a nice day...
  3. cool. and i haven't really been reading the manga. i have been reading others. have you been? i went out with a friend yesterday and i was super tired when i came back. i got a headache and slept for 11 hrs. could have slept more but it was already noon. didn't really get to eat much either. but i'm good now. ^^
  4. i wish age of empires was an online game... well actaully now i think it is... since they have three or four different versions of it ... so how far are you in DTB the manga..? or have you stopped reading it.... oh sorry for the late reply we had a mine war the other day on my online game and i was upgrading my military strength.... it takes freaken forever on that game.. its not that great of a game but since its online and i get to meet ppl i keep playing it... so how have you been Flow...? anything new with u? well Flow got to run but cya around till then take care
  5. oh. is that an online game too? and i bet you would have told him off lol. i just pictured a funny anime character yelling at a doctor lol. anyway, i'm healthy and everything. just taking some pills. ^^
  6. anyways i go some more messages i need to take care of so till our next chat Flow take care and have a nice day...
  7. oh wow... thats kinda lame that they didnt have band-aids... and a bruise from it wow thats just not kool what the hell kind a hospital does that... and the doctor WTH is he thinking... all i can say is it was me i would have told them off.. but wow i didnt know you were on medication sorry to hear that.... hope you wont have to be on it much longer... well all in all i just hope you are happy and healthy Flow... and WarFlow is pretty much like Age of Empires if you ever played that... you build ur civiliation, create ur military and go to war with other players... all in all its an ok game but could be better...
  8. whats warflow like? i went to the hospital on monday. i went for a normal checkup cuz i have been taking some seizure medication. i had to go through three doctors for some reason. then they took a blood sample me. they didn't even say anything about it but they are going to call later about the results. one of the guy doctors winked at me when he came in. it was pretty awkward. i got sticky tape on my arm. apparently they don't have band-aids at their hospital. my skin got bruised from trying to take it off too. >: (
  9. dengiki daisy...? never heard of it... a romance manga.... hmm i dont think id be to much into it but hell i got nothing better to do so ill give it a try... oh yea sorry on my late replys again this time is cuz ive been caught up playing this online game its called other then reading what have you been up to anything new with you? well i got to go but ill see you around k till then take care nd have a nice day FLow
  10. i have been kind of busy reading this new manga i found. its called dengeki daisy. i was reading it all weekend to catch up on the chapters. its a romance one. its pretty good. ^^
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