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  1. hey sorry on the later reply ive been away and just got back today... but wow i didnt know there was a manga for DTB im gonna have to look for it... so anything new with you Flow... how have you been since we last chatted? well i got to go eat but ill see you around till then Flow take care and have a nice day...
  2. have replied to you yet? hmm, not sure if manga counts ^^. i never got into reading manga much. i like anime more. i found out there is a darker than black manga. not sure if i'm going to read it though.
  3. well i havent started watching it yet.. been caught up in this online game called WarFlow its pretty fun when you understand it... as for my last book i ever read.... hmm thats a good question... i havent read a book book for over two three years now... but manga... id say it was the Air Gear... well Flow till our next chat.. take care
  4. Really? cool. i have been home as usual. i have been reading this book online called the heart is a lonely hunter. its a good book. i took it out before like 3 yrs ago but never finished it. what was the last book you read? i have been watching burst angel too. i'm only on episode 4 though. not much progress.
  5. ok well ill give it shot... thanks for the help... and no worrys if its got guy to guy love ill just bear it... so what have you been up too lately...? see you around Flow take care...
  6. The second season of black butler came out in the summer. i think you will like the first one but the second season seems to have hints of guy on guy love. idk but i thought it was funnier than the first one.
  7. ive heard of both and see some previews but didnt that black butler just come out... and as for burst angel that one ill give it a try... oh yea thanks for the anime... take care and see you around Flow... laterz..
  8. Not sure. have you seen black butler yet? that was a good one. i recently started watching burst angel. its about this boy who becomes the cook of these 3 girls. the girls get themselves in situations. one of them appears very skilled in handling guns.
  9. thats lame.... i dont like vids like that.... heyguess whati found out... i just noticed i downloaded... everything for DTB like all the OST for the first and second season's as well as the anime.. plus some new pics.... im so happy... i wasnt planning on all that but oh well.... ^^ hey so if i can ask.... what would be anime you would recommend me watching since i introduced DTB to you help me out with a new anime to watch....? well see you around Flow take care
  10. Well if you hadn't mentioned it i wouldn't be watching darker than black. so yeah i agree, we do talk a lot more ^^. its cool. i like anime songs too. i even like the ending ones from dtb. i was listening to the ending one called dreams over and over when i first heard it. i looked up the video on youtube. the vid was kind of confusing though cuz the singer was getting her hair cut in it.
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