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  1. hope that works if not well... i tried.... take care Flow and have a great day...
  2. wow you beat me still... and thanks for not thinking my wierd but still i know i should be more open but i just only act opon the course of action that seems the best at time even if it turnned out not like what i hope it would cuz nothing is certain.... but wow kirihara you id say ur lucky then... dont ever take that for granted.....and as for as i know the site im watching darker than black on has the first and second season but its also got on thats called darker than black: gaiden and i just found another one that called Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini
    heres the site to gaiden.... Darker Than Black: Gaiden - Watch Darker Than Black: Gaiden Anime Episodes Online
    and heres Ryuusei no gemini.... Watch Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini Online | English Dubbed-Subbed Episodes
  3. I don't think you're weird. You just have to open yourself up to more people. Its good to not be a stranger. With me, i'm not always alone cuz i'm either with friends or family. I guess I kind of see myself as Kirihara a little bit since i can also be a busy-body. I already finished the second season. I hope they make a third one.
  4. wow you have been busy.... well just to make it far i finished the first season just a moment ago and im starting the second right now.... but can i ask you something.... i got the idea after finishing watching episode 24 and 25 but do you ever get the feeling of relateing to any of the character from that anime.... im not trying to compare myself to Hei but i noticed im a lot like him... in a way.... i keep to myself and im always alone... i spend most of my time by myself and when i am with ppl im quite and i dont bother them unless they speak to me.... but yea my question to you is can you relate to this nor do you think im weird....?
  5. I guess i'm a little quiet. I think to myself a lot so thats why. I do talk a lot when in a conversation though. But yeah he is hot and he's an awesome contractor. How far are you in the episodes? I really liked the ova, and it was funny too. I have actually gone to the second season now. ^^
  6. wow didnt think that game was that old already.... but yea i still think its a good game... i know which conctractor u are talking about he's that guy in the white suit that doesnt like second hand smoke.... but he's only has the freezing ability the his partner is the one that has the water ability to make it rain.... but still props to my man BK201 cuz he' awesome.... well if you dont mind me asking can i ask this much if you like quite guys doest that mean u are a quite person too..? but anyways its good to hear from you Flow take care and have a great week...
  7. Oh yeah I have seen that Heavenly sword game. Isn't it two years old? I remember seeing it when the new consoles were coming out. It did look interesting. I will consider it.
    Hei's power and agility are awesome. I think I would like to control water. I remember seeing one contractor with water and ice power. Its not the girl with the white hair though. Anyway, I like him cuz he is pretty quiet and he also does look great to be honest. I like guys who have a quietness to them so thats probably why.
  8. but still im shocked... I cant believe you told me that he's cute i just never thought you would tell me anything like that... you just caught me off guard here kinda makes me wonder what kind of guys you are into...? but that none of my business well take care Flow and have good day k...
  9. hey sorry on the late reply but wow never thought id hear you say that... but yea
    BK201 is awesome... wish i had his ability... then life would be so much more fun.... and agian wow... you are ahead of me on watching it too.. im on 19 but only cuz at the time everyone said i had to take a break from watching anime and then when i started watching anime again i started the gundam seed series... hey Flow you know i was think just now when i wanted BK201 abilities... i was wondering what kinda of ability would you like to have if you could have one...? well if you are open to most games then i recommend you get heavenly sword... its actaully a really good game its almost like god of war if you are into that game... but you play as women with a really awesome sword... i give that game credit...
  10. I pretty much am open to any game. Yeah I don't care for sports games either. Little big planet is pretty simple but fun. You go through all these different levels that are different places around the world. I haven't checked out the online gameplay for it. I am watching darker than black. I think the main character is cute lol. I'm in episode 20 on it.
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