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  1. yooo flow long time no see.... hope all is well with you... anyways just wantd to drop in and say hi well as always take care
  2. my days well postive till today but then my gf broke up with me so yea i just rather not talk about it but yea im doing good thanks for asking well that suxs u were getting sick n btw srry for the late reply but hope u get better too n as for school thats a drag should have figured lol well Flow its good to hear from u i hope everything is good take care n ill see u around n about sleep yea i know what u mean not heally to stay up till 5 every today n up by 9 n do it everyday man so tired im gonna actually go to sleep or try to anyways well gtg take care byez..
  3. Yeah I'm planning to get the game to. Its already out in Japan I think and is that around the time it would come out do you think? Anyway, it will be a while for kh3 to come out so that's the bad side.
    In school its the usual. I'm trying to get my assignments completed and its going fine. Its after break and I'm being lazy because I just want to be asleep again ^_^. I think I'm getting a cold. I feel horrible. But I will recover in a few days I'm sure. So how are things going for you? Any positives or negatives?
  4. yea thats an awesome game tho i havent played it yet ive seen it n its freaken Awesoome i love it i wanna get it im thinking maybe in febuary ill get it when i have the money.. so how have u been flow? hows school going ? n how life been treating u? if u dont mind me asking srry i havent been on lately ive been on another site well Flow do take care n its nice hearing from u hoe u have a great day n take care ill see u around if im lucky well laterz flow
  5. Do you know about the new Birth By Sleep game for the PSP? Awesome huh? ^_^

    Why was it quiet?
  6. yea i love Kingdom Hearts its an awesome game I LOVE IT !!! ... well just wantd to say Merry Belated Christmas n Happy New Years Flow i hope u had a blast srry for the late reply well take care flow n be safe k n its nice talking to u again well hope u enjoy the new year mine was a quiet one i mean really quiet..... O.O -silence-
  7. Yeah I also tend to stay up late as well. Do you happen to play the video game Kingdom Hearts?
  8. koo kool...glad to hear urs was good too....thats no different to me ive been lazy just trying to find something to do but no luck..i said up till 5 this morning watching bleach, beath note, fullmetal alchemist, n cowboy bepop...was niced till i realized the time then i was O.O so i went to bed i just go up lol well.... hope u finish ur essay n hope u still have some free time to relax well take care Flow ill see u around alright n be safe k laterz
  9. Thats great. Sounds like you had some fun. The power actually went out in my apartment but that was like 10 at night for 30 mins so it wasn't so bad. ^_^
    I have been pretty lazy too. I haven't finished all my homework yet. I have to do an essay but its not hard. ^_^
  10. thanks Flow i did it was very nice...the only thing i wantd to recieve was having all my friends n family to be around with n i did get part of it not all my friends but some of them so yea it all did good in my favor not a lot but its the thought that counts...well i hope u had a great one Flow srry i havent talkd to u in for ever please forgive me n my how have u been Flow anything new? well Flow please take care n be safe k ill see u around k byebyez
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