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  1. Tom Cruise a vampire O.O ... WOW i have to watch it i have to watch it ... >,< i thought it was an anime , thanks for telling me i am sure that i am going to watch it ^^ .. =^_^=
  2. Oh ur missing out. Its about these 3 vampires (not an anime film) in which 2 used to be normal until the evil vampire, Tom Cruise, makes them vampires. And well its basically a good movie and you should consider watching it sometime. ^_^
  3. wow , i like Cowboy Beebop and Full Metal Alchemist and (Peach Girl >,< i really felt sad for Touji ) ... an Interview with the Vampire ? no i haven't XD seen it T,T is it that good o.O .. =^_^=
  4. Yea you can find my favorite anime reply in my profile. I apparently replied in my own...^_^
  5. yay cakey lol ys make me sometimes hunger too lol so is Ouran your favorite anime or do you have other favorites ^^ .. =^_^=
  6. Yea I also like Honey. He eats so much cake and never gains the weight. I love sweets too and making him eat that all can make me so jealous but hungry too lol ^_^
    Its a hilarious anime ^_^
  7. omg XD you like them too! XD i love them i have their pics on my room wall Nyaa~ X3 , just like you said they are adorable XD and cunning >,< .. wow cunning that what i love about them lol ... =^_^=
  8. Well I like the Hitachiin twins. They are so cunning and I can relate to them. And I loved it when they showed them little. They were adorable. ^_^
  9. sure we can be friends ! ^,^ , waaa you love Ouran too XD yay! i love this anime very much >,< it is really great anime XD , what is your favorite one of the hosts .. =^_^=
  10. Hi too. ^_^ Want to be friends? Omg you like Ouran? I loved it, it was so funny!
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