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  1. Eh, what are you gonna do, her dark skin was dominant. So you're mixed?
    And pm me the poem. I will have to see it later unfortunately.
  2. Tan is a no no i hate tan xD I wanna look lighter skinned... my father was a chinese but i had to follow mom's skin >.< sheesh...

    Oh.. i wrote a new poem.. do tell me what u think
  3. Wow I dont know anything about that place. Sorry. ^_^
    And I never had a tan. As you can see from my profile photo I have really light skin. Jeez.
  4. Malaysia~ all the way to the east @.@ wheeee! getting cooked alive and tanned everyday
  5. Thats funny. So where do you live? Its fall here so its getting chilly. ^_^
  6. its 12:22 pm here ^^ i just woke up a few hours... a hot morning here
  7. Nothing much. I go to school tomorrow and so on. I go to sleep in an hour. Its 12:15am here. What time is it in your place?
  8. I thought ur already in my list o.o Oh well..

    So whats up?
  9. Hi! I'm going to send you another friend request becausing things were apparently reversed. Yeah. ^_^
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