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  1. i type a head of myself sometimes SORRRY^^ but what i am asking you is that would you like to join my RPG. ^^
    If not then please give my ideas or feedback on how to get people join it thats what im asking SORRY TO HAVE CONFUSED U^^
  2. what are you talking about? im so confused........
  3. IF its possible to do join i saw you look at the Rpg Rhapsody of Destruction so i thought you might take a look at to.
    ^^ so please read it first then tell me if your willing to join if not please give me ur feedback thank you!!!!:P^^
  4. Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Uuuhhhhh Im Mean Friend
  5. uhhhhhh ok....... Sure. Send friend requests. BTW who are you?
  6. HHHHHHHYYYYYYYOOOOOOO!!!!!:P I hope we meet sometime soon if not lets be FRIENDS^^
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