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  1. its funny hw u keep saying see you when I see you, ur never gonna see me since we never met lol
    Anyways, I do hope u get a job, and even though I have a job, the money is going str8 to my mom becuz of bills
    Once she get a job then I will be happy
  2. glad to hear ur doing well.. at least u have a job man i wish i had one... these last few months have been a drag for me... no job.. no money... cant do anything... except sit at home and be bored all day... at least i got me this new game i downloaded called rusty hearts is a pretty fun game and it keeps me busy... just wish i had a job tho.. well all in all im glad to hear from u after so long.. hope eveything is going well for u... i gtg but ill be around so .. see u when i see u till then take care and have a nice day... laterz...
  3. hey long time no see... sorry about my long period away ive been so busy with work but now im not working so lets see how things go now... no worries about my name.. but yea its Marco... so what you been up too lately... nothing new here just taking care of my old mans house... well hope things are going well for you... got to run but ill be around more so till then take care and have a great day...
  4. to be honest i dont like my name but its marco... anyways its kool if you have trouble remembering ppl but just keep in mind some ppl dont like that... i understand you may have hundreds of friends online that are on different sites.. just next time try not to forget but if it cant be helped then dont worry about it... well hope things are going well for you... sorry but i got to run see you around and take care
  5. and by the way sorry for the late reply ive been busy sorry about that... take care and have a good day....
  6. thats sad...i think you have me confused with a different guy... i dont have a myspace nor do i like it the same goes for facebook.... but you know its ok...
  7. you dont remember me.... thats sad... but its ok just shows that i havent been around lately and you forgot about me.... but it is nice to meet you again... my names marco in case you dont remember.... but i dont like being called my it... i havent spoke to you since june... so how have you been? anything new going on with you...? so how was the rest of your summer....? mine well i finished working at that shed i was at and ended up being jobless all this time... but i have been watching a lot of anime lately... to make up for not having a job.... its really a drag being unempolyed... hey sorry if im just weireding you out if you still havent remembered me but we are already friends we have been since before the summer...but if not then no worries we can start over if you like... well take care elizabeth...
  8. Yeah I just didn't like the arguing and the main reason why I broke up with him is because him and I had are difference he wanted to stay in IN. were he lives because he is working and I wanted to stay here in OH. because I really didn't want to leave my friends and family...... Plus I was thinking about going to collage idk if I am going yet but still I know he wonted like being far apart any longer so I thought everything throw and I only saw braking up with him would be the right choice..... Right now I have a new bf named Roger but I still love and really care about Zach (my ex) and I don't know what to do..... I am so confused and I don't want to hurt anyone really but my heart feels torn and I just can't think of what would be right for me to do.....

    OGTs stands for Ohio Graduation Test it is a test you have to take and pass to graduate. The test is Reading, Math, Scince, Social Studies, and Writing. I already passed Reading and I am working on passing the others.
  9. Yeah omg I know I have OGTs next week Tuesday to Friday..... that's going to suck..

    Ummm.... did I tell you that I broke up with my fiance..... I kinda wish I didn't I do miss him and still love him I'm kinda forcing myself to forget him lol..... bad I know. But I couldn't stand the fighting......
  10. hey wats up chelsey, sorry i didnt reply back sooner, i was too busy wit things, so welcome to AO, i hope u like it here, cuz i surely do and yes i wud love 2 be friends ^_^
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