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  1. hey wats up, how u been? I dnt kno u at all bt we cud get 2 kno each otha betta, my name is elizabeth, wats urs?
  2. lmao! i wudnt mind if i was at japan either mainly bcuz of anime n i want 2 learn their language n maybe cosplay lol ^^..ummm..m weekend was ok..just 2 more days till me turning 18 lol..yea i agree wit u there about sleeping is way better than eating..i cnt stand when i get to hungry 2 actually sleep, it bugs da **** outta me..m summer is ok..really wish i had a job still...n wat da hell is an onion shed?..n would mind cuz it will hurt my eyes lol...well ttyl^^
  3. thats sad to never have seen snow... sorry to hear that its a beatiful sight to see well to me it is cuz its better then seeing brown all day 24/7 its a major change to me and the ppl living here thats for sure... well alaska sounds nice but not my taste id rather be in greenland or japan, japan just cuz of the anime but greenland cuz its the cold there and i know id love it there... so how has ur weekend been? sorry on the late reply but ive been getting out late that im sooo worn out that i take a shower and go to bed with out eatin cuz sleep sounds so much better then eating... hope ur summer has been going good take care and have a great day tomorrow cuz i know i wont... and thats just me saying i hate working in the shed... hey if you dont mind me askinng but would you work in an onion shed... cus thats where im working at right now....welll good nite i have to finish here and go to bed... nite...
  4. what do u mean u want to trade with ppl around the world?..i love cold weather becuz of snow...i rather see the weather not really feel nt a big fan of hot days also..n i live in florida dats 4 sure..i want to go like at alaska or atlantic or somewhere dat snows..i never seen snow well when i was really young like 1-3 years old..i cnt remember anything..i would soo cry if i actually see snow falling from the gray sky^^
  5. well to be truthful i hate it cuz its cool the first few days but then after a week of getting up at 4 in the morning and working till 2 in the afternoon really bits.. espcially during hot and i mean hot days.... but its kool when you get to work with ur friends tho but thats about it oh and the pay is shitty too... hey i was thinking it would be kool to trade with ppl from around the trade with anyone that had better weather then me its so hot here i like cold weather... and what about you what kind of weather do you like.... well i got to go ill see you around take care and have a great weekend byebye...
  6. I don't know i just want to know how it feels too. I want to be a country girl or a farm girl for one week lol..i know i might like it sometimes bt will also hate it most of the time ^^
  7. well i wouldnt want to work there if i was you cuz its hot and dry well at least here it is... but anyways no i dont live on a farm i live in a small town called Salem... not to mention i live it the dust bowl of the new mexico... so tell me why would you want to try working in the fields? if i may ask... well talk later i got to go take care and have a great day k... bye
  8. awesome dats fine by me, n my week is good, i just had a clean a lot lol..i always wanted 2 know how it feels to work on a field..wait, do u have a farm?
  9. im good im just resting for the long week to come... so how have you been? and how did ur weekend go? if you dont mind me asking? well ive worked in the fields all my life growing up till i was 15 then i started the onion shed.... man o man working in a onion shed is hard work.... but i love it cuz its the rush of the speed i work at that i enjoy so much about working there... plus im the floor manage so i get to work where ever i want to.... well to be honest id rather wait on giving numbers only cuz wejust met and we both dont know each other that well not to mention im working and i cant be on my phone well i work... sooo i guess here is the only place we can chat till we know each other better and im not so busy with work... sorry about all this... well take care and have a great day tomorrow k...
  10. awww dats soooooooooooo awesome..n ur awesome 2..i never met another twin either ^^ good lol thanks wat about u? do want a job..i wanted a job since i was 16 years never good jobs for 16 nor im waiting 2 be 18 to get a job..hey now dat we both r u want 2 exchange numbers so we cn chat more..if nt..chating on animeonline is perfectly fine lol..if u do..we have 2 PM me or ima do it 2 u think about it..see ya ^^
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