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  1. Yeah I just didn't like the arguing and the main reason why I broke up with him is because him and I had are difference he wanted to stay in IN. were he lives because he is working and I wanted to stay here in OH. because I really didn't want to leave my friends and family...... Plus I was thinking about going to collage idk if I am going yet but still I know he wonted like being far apart any longer so I thought everything throw and I only saw braking up with him would be the right choice..... Right now I have a new bf named Roger but I still love and really care about Zach (my ex) and I don't know what to do..... I am so confused and I don't want to hurt anyone really but my heart feels torn and I just can't think of what would be right for me to do.....

    OGTs stands for Ohio Graduation Test it is a test you have to take and pass to graduate. The test is Reading, Math, Scince, Social Studies, and Writing. I already passed Reading and I am working on passing the others.
  2. Omfg!! r u serious??
    dats harsh bt if he did do sumthang dat upset u then i guess its good 2 give urself nd him sum space until u guys r fine n r ready 2 talk things thru, just try ur best to forget wat happen until ur ready to sit n chat...dats my advice, i hope it works ^_^
    btw........wat r OGTs?????
  3. Yeah omg I know I have OGTs next week Tuesday to Friday..... that's going to suck..

    Ummm.... did I tell you that I broke up with my fiance..... I kinda wish I didn't I do miss him and still love him I'm kinda forcing myself to forget him lol..... bad I know. But I couldn't stand the fighting......
  4. yea, senior year is rly stressful, especially when we have to do s.a.t or a.c.t 2 get a good score so we cn be approved 2 our dream skool, ugh, too much, bt im gettin da hang of it, if only i wasnt so tired lol wat abt u? anything new?
  5. yeah lol thats good your bro is okay and yeah i hope the guy get cought lol so how was your weekend anything new??
  6. yea same wit me, i was really busy wit skool, like who cn blame us we're freakin seniors lol, oh nothin really good happen lately, like my bro got in an accident, luckily hes ok, bt i hope dat bastard dat hit him get caught or DIE!!
  7. lol i love to style my own hair all of my friends always have me fix there hair when i am at school it funny. sorry i have been on long with school starting i've been really busy lol and with the weekends also i haven't had time to go on thee computer so anything new been going on with you lately????
  8. awesome..congrats on ur stay lol..i do hope dat u find a job 2 support ur lover n his family ..well sumthang is new n jis a mad dat i was relying on my stepsister 2 do my hair bt found out she cnt braid in design so nw i have 2 do it..i've been doin my own hair for who knos how many years i guess ima start fresh in skool by my own looks..its really a drag anything new?

    btw do u have a facebook?
  9. Yeah i know we have much in common ^_^ thats awsome yeah i am ganna work for zach and his parents when i move in with him when i finish school next year on may 22 i can't wait. yeah thurseday i went to zachs place and stayed till sat. i was so happy to see him! nm new really i am going down the that campground today. anything new going on with you?
  10. So sorry for the late reply..i had so much to do
    Im so surprised dat u also failed kingergarden cnt believe we have a lot in common
    Yes! i finally got a yoga mat and im getting ready to get my new glasses cannot wait also cannot wait until i finally get a job im still searching n still applying application so i BELIEVE dat i will soon get a job..eeeepppppsss ^_^ how about you anything new?
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