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  1. Really me to i got held back also in kindergarden i should be down with school. i wish i was XD oh will i'll finish soon. so how have you been anything new going on?
  2. kewl me too..n i guess we r da same age as well..well i failed a grade so i been suppose 2 graduate like i suppose 2 graduate dis year bt failed kindergarden...
  3. i'm in the 12 grade now so i'm about done with school!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. im sorry lol..well i do hope dat u guys live r life 2 da fullest..wat grade u in?
  5. ummm well not really sence thats the day i have to leave..... :*( i hat it...... i wish i could of stayed...... i will move in with him when i'm done with school ^__^
  6. oh its ok i guess..i guess 4th of july is gona be busy 4 u n zach u dnt live together wit him n nothing new is goin on dats like exciting lol..i dnt kno wat 2 do for 4th of july lol
  7. oh i asked him for you he said no thanks he dosen't need one right now but thanks. yeah i love those 2 bands too. so anything new with you????? i've just been playing with fireworks with Zach and he took me to go see the new twilight movie all and all i'm just hanging out with Zach till i have then i have ta go home tomorrow sadly..... i'll ta go home.... i'll cry when it comes to it but also tomorrow his mom is having a 4th of july cook out i have ta go home..... so anything new going on with you????
  8. same here..i kno most of the songs u listen too..wat cbt evanescence n linkin park..n i msg ut husband bt didnt respond back
  9. oh i just mean he made an Acc. on here and thats his user name ^^ umm igr like three days grace and i like all there songs, Rihanna- rude boy is my fav song by her, In The Flames- clarity is a pretty good one, Paramore is awsome i know just about all her songs,Head Strong by Trapt, All That Remains-Whispers (I Hear You),ect. i like all kinds of music really so hbu????
  10. ok thanks..wat do u mean by a forums? wat songs do u like n artists?
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