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  1. nah i already have an laptop lol but hey zachs acc name on here is TheDarknesInTheLight if you want to add him he made a few fourms on here like 2 or 3 i think lol. but umm ask him if he would want it he has a laptop to but idk he might.
  2. lol...kewl..hey do want to buy a apple g4 mac desktop or a laptop?..i just need ur answer than i cn tell u how much it will cost^^
  3. oh kool you should be able to find an good job that pays good then ^^ zach is my fiance he made an acc on here sounds fun!!!!!!
  4. like anything dat deals with customer service, retail, resturant server or hostess..anything dat i kno is zach ur bf? summer is good just cnt wait 2 actually get a cell phone n start riding my bike to find a job lol^^
  5. oh kool what job you looking 4 or trying to get??? yeah everything is good i'm having so much fun here with zach. ^^ so hows your summer going so far anything new???
  6. been bday was also trying my best 2 get a job tho how about everything ok^^
  7. yah he already feels pretty bad about the whole thing. so how has everything been for ya?.? ^^
  8. oh, well i guess you should pray for his sake n he should pray for his own...n maybe let GOD knows that he wants to be forgiven for his sins ^^
  9. yeah were christian but haven't went to church in awhile thou.
  10. dats still sad..hey r u guys christian? so it was really his friends fault..what, da girl who died dnt know how 2 drive..dats sad..n wat happen 2 da other friend?..i bet da girl dat died was in da passenger seat, am i right?...n nevermind lol..^^
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